PayQuake™ / SonicInet is the sole provider of Merchant Controlled payment processing solutions.

Instead of being spoon fed one expensive merchant processing plan, isn’t it about time where you the merchant can choose which merchant account plan best fits your needs?

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Now with PayQuake™/ SonicInet you have a choice of three merchant processing plans, ranging from No Set-Up and No Monthly Fees to discount rates as Low as 2.39%. Secure payment gateway fees are also INCUDED with your PayQuake™ / SonicInet merchant account.

If you feel the plan you chose is not perfect for you, or your business has outgrown its current plan, simply switch to whichever plan works best for you. It’s called Dynamic Merchant Pricing (or DMP)

PayQuake™ / SonicInet also automatically sets up your secure payment gateway at no cost to you! ( or PayQuake Secure Payment Gateway)

You have the option to switch your current merchant account option each and every month via our on-line statement that is provided to you at no cost.