Because search engines are the primary source of traffic for most sites, site promotion is vital to success on the Web. In order to maximize site rankings, site optimization & submission must be done on a monthly basis. Regular submission and re-submission to search engines and continual content and code optimization drains scarce IT resources on administrative tasks.


A domain name is your business address on the Internet.

The domain name you choose is important because it embodies your small business brand: it's the first impression a customer gets of your business and the one they’ll have every time they return. A distinctive, easy-to-remember domain name gives your business credibility and helps customers recall and easily return to your Web site. It’s the ultimate online marketing feature for distinguishing your business from your competitors.

Selecting a Domain Name
Every Interland Online Basics and Online Marketing Suite package includes a free domain name for the first year. Choose the name you want, e.g. www.<choose any name here> .com, from names ending in .com, .org or .net. Your domain name is then registered to you for one year, after which you’ll be asked to renew it for an annual fee, currently averaging about $25 a year.

Tips for selecting a domain name

• Keep it short, ideally no more than two words
• Use simple words a sixth-grader can understand
• Use words with only one spelling
• Use the full name of your business if possible. If not,
use words that simply describe your product or service
• Don’t use punctuation such as dashes or periods
• [.com] is the most popular business extension
• [.org] is the most popular non-profit domain extension
• [.net] is often used to point users to a network of sites